lunedì 9 maggio 2011

Pocket - Venice

P.H2O ARTE is pleased to announce the performance “Pocket”, Domenico Olivero’s new urban art project at Venice in June 2011.

“Pocket” is a transparent plastic pocket, left in public spaces, inside which there is gold dust.

This gold dust slowing blows away from the pocket and contaminates the space behind.

A poetic art which encourages thinking about urban places and evolving time.

This public art urban project “Pocket” will be situated in many places in different cities in Europe, the first in London, then Torino, now in Venice, followed by Berlin... This action art will be continued for years to come.

The next action art will be in Venice in June 2011 in the Fondamenta Gerardini on the Pazienze bridge.

Each of these artistic events will be documented in photo and on video and placed on a website.

A numbered catalogue by critic Tarcisio Dutto will be produced.

This art show has been made possible thanks to the sponsorship and support of P.H2O Arte Foundation, Cuneo.

Title of work : “Pocket ”

Artist : Olivero Domenico.

Curator : Tarcisio Dutto.

Place of installed works : Fondamenta Gerardini near Ponte delle Pazienze.

Material: plastic pocket (15x10 mm), gold dust.

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